Architectural Stone and Tile

What We Do – Our Story
Architectural Stone and Tile is a direct source supplier of marble, granite, limestone and porcelain tile. We import stone and tile directly from the origin and deliver it to your project site.

We are risk adverse and focus on successful client / owner experiences.

Our sources, quarries and factories in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, have been carefully vetted through over 20 years of relationship building and working experience. Over 20 years of personally visiting quarries and factories throughout the world to fully understand the unique characteristics and processes of all materials that we work with. This ensures that what Architectural Stone and Tile offers is of the highest quality, produced by the most technical and sustainable oriented companies and using the most reliable supply chain deliveries.

Did you know that white marble comes from places other than Carrara? There are many other white marbles from Portugal, Greece and Turkey and they can be more affordable.

What is the most sought after design color palette? Neutrals of course, but not yellow background or beige, neutrals that are grey based and non-saturated in color. Where do they come from? Warm grey limestones from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Germany top the list of origins for today’s sought after color palettes.

We know where to source the materials that satisfy the designs of today and tomorrow.

Architectural Stone and Tile has developed long relationships with the biggest and best of the porcelain tile manufacturers of Italy. Producers of the best designs, highest quality and best value. Do you know the difference between a through body porcelain – color body porcelain – glazed porcelain? We do and we can steer you in the direction of the best product for your project. With ink jet technology, patterns and designs of porcelain tile can create realistic effects of wood, marble and stones that can satisfy the criteria of most any design.

Architectural Stone and Tile is a supplier of Caesar, Mirage, Imola, COEM, AlfaLux and more. All the major producers of porcelain tile from Italy; they are the Big Dogs of the industry.

Architectural Stone and Tile has been researching and supplying natural stones and porcelain tile for over 20 years, we know what we’re doing.